I was at the Beach camping on a fishing competition. The moon was glazing through the sky. I just woke up and saw a tree that was curved on a mountain.There was a Wolf howling in the distance. I could smell blood coming from the Wolf on the Mountain and I could not get to sleep because the howling was so loud. I decided try and find the wolf and followed a blood trail. It led me to the wolf greedily eating a fox and a rabbit. I ran away as fast as I could as I was scared he might eat me too!

2 thoughts on “The creepy Wolf and the bent tree

  1. Great work creating a spooky atmosphere, Tyler! I really enjoyed the description of your experiences and I liked that you used some of the senses for this.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hello Tyler, you have created some wonderful images with this story. The use of a number of different senses: see, hear and smell work so well. It was a grim picture painted of the wolf eating not only a fox but a rabbit too. I was very glad you decided to go back to bed. Keep up the great writing.

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